Fresh Produce Is Good for You!

GoGo Greens Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables are Shipped to CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, and VT.

Seasonal Local Delivery to Limited Areas in CT and MA.  

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Why Choose Us?

GoGo Greens was created to help make seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables available everywhere in New England. We want to make buying fresh produce convenient for everyone, and accessible in areas that have limited options. We can do this by shipping to you directly and with local delivery. 

Everyone should have access to fresh produce and convenience is a great benefit to everyone. It is also true that there are areas in every state that experience a grocery gap. The gap means many people have limited access to nutritious food - such as fruits and vegetables. This is due to limited income, limited or no transportation, or stores that do not offer good options. Buying from us can help solve that problem. We will ship to CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, and VT. We will deliver locally to certain areas in CT and MA. 

Another reason to choose us, is because we select seasonal produce directly from the same markets that many grocery stores use to supply their warehouses. We are not a farmer's market, and we do not guarantee organic. We are simply cutting out the grocery store warehouse model so you can get better, fresher, longer lasting produce. Money well spent! Our seasonal produce comes from local and distant farms and orchards. 

We are happy to support healthy eating, and to make buying fresh produce convenient. We would love you to extend that convenience by helping someone place an online order with us.  This is a way to support our mission, and to help close the grocery gap in food desert areas. You can also give a GoGo Greens Gift Card, Fruit Gift Box, or monthly Subscription. 

Your purchase means so much to us!  

Safely Consuming Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Always wash your produce before consuming!

Follow food safety and storage guidelines.

Please take a few moments to view the US FDA Produce Food Facts video for information on how to safely handle raw produce. The FDA also provides a colorful and printable PDF explaining Raw Produce Facts at